OBF24 holds 5 basic principles that form the basis of our work.


What parents need from customer service is product knowledge, attentiveness and guidance while feeling like they have a support system always at the ready. To provide a stellar customer experience, the entire Support Team members are experts in Infant Nutrition: from Breastfeeding and Bottle feeding to Baby’s First Solids and so much more!

You are working with true professionals. 

  • "Not only that, they have the best customer service! I can always rely on organicbabyfood to deliver on time everytime. Thank you so much for your exceptional service!" Jannet Park, an OBF24 customer, said in one of our OBF24 Reviews.
  • "I once had an issue with a delivery and the team was immediate in response, concerned, considerate, and made the process exceptionally smooth and efficient. A must for busy moms !" Erin Berhan, 

A parent's formula-feeding journey is so personal, unique, and can be challenging. We at OBF24 are proud to have a team that can help guide you along the way. 

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Quality is our top priority. We want our customers to be satisfied and therefore pay attention to every detail of our products. 

In short, if you're looking for the best food to feed your baby for the first few years of life, OBF24 is one of the few companies you can count on.


We are right at the source of our supplier, so we can offer our customers discounted prices of up to 60% better than anywhere else.

We are shipping directly from Germany - where the most organic formulas are made. We are an established German organic food company with a large warehouse consisting of an excellent manufacturer network, which produces the formulas.  


For us, it makes no sense to sell products in small format via the internet. When it comes to products that the consumer needs to have regularly available, it makes more sense to provide in large quantities.

When you think about buying foods or other items in bulk, you might picture an underground bunker in some remote area with enough supplies to survive a zombie apocalypse. Bulk buying is no joke, however. Buying in bulk is easier than ever, and thanks to our WHOLESALE KITS, you are paying less than you would for those standard formulas produced in North America.

Our WHOLESALE KITS are specially made to provide you formula supply for approx. 1-2 months.  

Besides, large packages have the advantage of creating less waste and reducing the workload for all of us.


The OBF24-concept can only work if we can pass on the cost savings achieved through the previous principle (LARGE FORMAT PACKAGING and SHORT SUPPLY CHAINS) the final price paid by the customer. Quality must be affordable.

We believe babies and families around the world have a right to safe and healthy organic formula. Our mission is to make European organic formula available to other like-minded parents at an affordable cost - worldwide!

Be sure to read our article explaining how to save on baby formula and How much does formula feeding cost?

We know that today, it is effortless to compare products from different shops. That's why our goal at OBF24 is to offer our formula at a fair price-service ratio. Every consumer should count on us to determine the right price so that they do not have to look for it themselves between several shops and can trust the OBF24 brand directly.


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Are you still feeling a little unsure? A parent's formula-feeding journey is so personal, unique, and can be challenging. We at OBF24 are proud to have a team that can help guide you along the way. We typically answer your email within a couple of hours. Get in touch