You’re busy, so rather than a long, drawn out post on the best baby organic baby formulas, we’re going to make it short and easy.


The first question is cow’s milk or goat’s milk. The answer is it’s up to you. There's some evidence that goat’s milk is easier to digest. There are also some differences in the proteins in the two kinds of milk. That means that if your baby can’t tolerate cow’s milk, consider switching to goat’s milk.


While there are American organic baby formulas, they are generally considered inferior to their European counterparts. In the USA, the FDA doesn’t certify things as organic. The standards they do set forth are lax. For example, companies can use genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in organic foods in most cases. In Europe, no GMOs are allowed, especially in baby formula.

European formulas go beyond just which ingredients are allowed. They actually concern themselves with the farming practices and sustainability of the foods.

American formulas also add chemical ingredients derived from bacteria and enzymes, whereas the European versions lean toward whole foods.


HiPP Hypoallergenic formula is made to be a lot easier for babies to digest. The proteins in the milk are broken down into their component amino acids. Many babies that have milk allergies struggle to digest the large proteins. By breaking them down, your baby gets all the same nutrition and is less likely to spit up or experience diarrhea or constipation.



  • LEBENSWERT ORGANIC STAGE 1 - is specifically formulated for babies who are under six months old. Since infants often spend most of their time sleeping at that age, stage 1 is less calorie dense than later stages. It’s designed to have the complete nutrition that a baby needs to grow big and strong.
  • LOULOUKA STAGE 1 - A relative newcomer to making formula, Loulouka has done a great job creating amazing organic baby formulas. Their formulas contain no palm oil, opting for coconut oil instead.


  • HOLLE GOAT MILK STAGE 2 - If your baby has had a tough time digesting cow’s milk, the Holle Goat Stage 2 is an excellent choice. Made from sustainable, organic ingredients and without sucrose or GMO ingredients, this is a well-rounded formula, even if the baby likes it better.
  • HIPP COMBIOTIC STAGE 2 - With its simple list of ingredients, this formula for 6 - 12 months old is perfectly balanced to help babies grow well. This is the right choice if you’re transitioning from breastmilk to formula; it’s designed to mimic breast milk at this stage, so your baby doesn’t miss any of his nutrition.

Note that it can be important to stick with one brand of formula. If you start your baby on Loulouka 1, it’s usually easier to continue with that brand rather than switch around. If, however, your baby isn’t eating well, is not tolerating the formula well, or is outgrowing formulas too fast, it might be worth switching to see if a different brand works better.



The answer is simple. Every box of formula has the ages on it. Choose the one that baby is in.


Yes. As a child grows and changes, so do his nutritional requirements. To ensure your baby is getting all of the nutrients he needs to grow and thrive, we recommend using the stage of formula that corresponds with his age. Formula manufacturers like HolleLebenswertHiPP and Loulouka have spent many years perfecting formulations to ensure every stage of your baby’s dietary needs is met.

There is not much difference in the later stages that would warrant a switch on a specific date. You can move forward or behind a few weeks.

Start a week before the date on the box. If it’s time to go to stage 2 at 6 months, a week before she turns 6 months, start on the new formula. Since every baby’s different, it’s not an exact science. Giving her more energy will help her grow and get active faster. Consult your pediatrician to ensure your baby is healthy, but otherwise, the age guidelines are just guidelines.


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