There are entire books dedicated to the question: Should you breastfeed or bottle feed?

We only recommend you give your baby European organic formulas. They are much healthier, purer, and nutritionally complete than most American counterparts, especially the big brands. If you’re going to use the stuff from the grocery store shelf, breastfeed. Be sure to read our article that looks at European organic formula in depth.


  • Is the baby having a hard time latching? If the baby can’t latch, then she’s not eating well. There are many more styles of nipples in the world than the two you have. A bottle can solve the latching problem when you can’t.
  • Does the baby have intolerances? If your baby isn’t tolerating breast milk well, you might look for a formula that he tolerates better. This might mean finding a formula with pre- and probiotics for his digestive system or other special formulas. Again, you make one kind of milk. There are a lot of formulas available.
  • Do you have time? If you’re returning to work or need to care for several children, breastfeeding might not be ideal for you. Formulas can set you free and great organic formulas are nutritionally awesome for your baby.


If you have time and the baby is good with latching and your milk, then, by all means, breastfeed. There’s a reason that every review of formula says, “... just like breast milk.” That’s the gold standard. Your body was designed to give your son or daughter everything they need for the first six months to a year.

While we sell formula, we would never deny that breastfeeding is an amazing thing for babies and moms. If you can, then do. But if you can’t, check out the superior formulas we offer. It’s the next best thing and will help your baby grow up well.


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