HiPP produces a huge line of formulas for all kinds of baby needs. There’s a lot of confusion surrounding HiPP Stage 1 and HiPP PRE.

  • Both are for children aged 0 to six months
  • PRE doesn’t stand for premature or preterm birth

The only difference between the two formulas is that PRE is designed to be a little gentler on a baby’s stomach. It’s easier to digest and designed for children with sensitive stomachs that can’t handle regular stage 1.

PRE formulas don't have starch or maltodextrin, so you can feed more to your baby on a 3-hour schedule. While these are good sources of carbohydrates and are perfectly healthy for a normal baby, they can be difficult to digest for some children.

Otherwise, the nutritional profile is the same and both are organic.


The reality is that both the PRE and the Stage 1 from HiPP are top-quality products. The only difference is the existence of maltodextrin and starch. Be sure to read our article that looks at maltodextrin in depth.

So it’s that simple: both are 0 to six months, but PRE is for more sensitive tummies.

No matter what you do, you’re getting some of the highest quality, safest and most natural baby formula in the world. Made to exacting standards and the world’s strictest organic farming practices, it’s better than almost anything on your grocery store shelves.

See which your baby likes better and tolerates better. That’s usually how you have to decide.


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