This guide will help you understand what water to use for your formula and how to prepare it.


To kill any germs, bacteria, or viruses, we recommend always boiling tap water when making your baby's formula. To make sure the water is sterilized, mix the formula 30 minutes after the water is boiled and before it cools below 158° F.


You can use any type of clean water to prepare organic formula. 

  • Tap Water: Tap water provides a convenient, safe option, as long as the water has not been sitting out before use. Most tap water contains added fluoride to prevent tooth decay. However, too much fluoride can lead to enamel fluorosis in children, which causes white streaks on their teeth. 
  • Bottled Water: When you're out and about or don't have access to other options, bottled water can be useful for mixing with formula. It's especially helpful when traveling and unfamiliar with the safety of the local water supply. For your baby, it's best to choose bottled water that is low in both sodium (less than 200 mg per liter) and sulfate (less than 250 mg per liter).
  • Filtered Water: You can also use filtered water in your baby's formula. You can easily find water pitchers that are made with quick water filtration systems. You must change the filter as often as the product instructs to keep your water pure.


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